Information for Senior Players

Brothers Aston Villa has a range of playing opportunities for men and women.  We currently have teams in Divisions 1, 2 and 3 Men’s and Divisions 1 and 2 Ladies and both Over 35 Men’s and Over 30 Women’s Social Teams.  The playing season generally runs from March through to September, with registration available from January. Brothers Aston Villa uses an online registration system, for further information or to register, please go to  Make sure you choose Brothers Aston Villa Football Club when registering to play!

BAVFC Values:

  • Good Sportsmanship
  • Development
  • Fair Play
  • Fun & Enjoyment


Game and Training Times

Team Game Day/ Time Training Day/ Time
Under 19 Tuesday evening Thursday 6pm start
Division 3 Men Friday night, usually 6:30pm or 8:15pm Tuesday & Thursday 6pm start
Division 2 Men Saturday afternoon Tuesday & Thursday 6pm start
Division 1 Men Saturday afternoon or night Tuesday & Thursday 6pm start
Division 2 Ladies Friday night, usually 6:30pm or 8:15pm Tuesday 6pm start
Division 1 Ladies Friday night, usually 6:30pm or 8:15pm

Away games and Finals are played on Saturday afternoons

Tuesday 6pm start
Over 35 Men Friday night
Over 30 Ladies Friday night


Game times may vary as they depend on the number of teams registered to play in each competition.  Occasionally games may be scheduled for other days for special competitions and make up games.


Training sessions are held at the Brothers Sports Club training fields or at the Touch Grounds opposite CQUni.  Coaches may vary training times or days in negotiation with the club, dependant on the needs of players and availability of facilities.


Participation in the Wide Bay League (Division 1 for both Men’s and Women’s teams) requires some travel which will occur on Saturdays.


Referees are supplied by Football Bundaberg Inc. however it is not uncommon for a lines person to be not available in which case you may be asked to supply a person to assist.


Please ensure you familiarise yourself with game rules and club policies.  Senior players are expected to abide by FFA code of conduct for players and parents (if applicable) and club dress code.


Senior players are asked to help out with the club’s fundraising at Sunday night raffles at the Brothers Sports Club.  During the season we use a roster system for each team.  Out of season, you can volunteer by contacting Wayne Hart.  It’s a fun night, and keeps fees down, so we hope to see you there!


Dress Code

The dress code for players, coaches and managers is as follows:

  • Division 1 are to wear the club polo shirt, black pants and black shoes.
  • All other Senior Divisions are to wear the club polo shirt, with jeans or black shorts.

Please wear the playing strip provided during games, with your BAVFC socks and other prescribed equipment.  No jewellery is to be worn during games.  Your club uniform must be worn before and after games.  Please do not travel to or from games in your playing strip.

Expressions of interest for coaches and manages positions are always welcome. You can find more information under the volunteers tab.



Game schedules are published by Football Bundaberg Inc. using Fox Sports Pulse.  There are two ways to check the fixture for your team.

Method 1:

  • Download the FoxSportsPulse app.
  • Select “Football” (the icon is a soccer ball)
  • Begin typing “Bundaberg”
  • Select your age group or competition from the list generated
  • Select your Brothers Aston Villa team (you can find out your team name from your coach or manager if there is more than one team for your age group)
  • You can choose to add your team to your app homepage if desired by pressing the star. This will give you your game details each week when you access the app.

Method 2:

  • Go to the Football Wide Bay fixture here
  • Choose Bundaberg
  • Select your age group or competition.

Select “Fixture” for game times.